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Villa Comunale Salerno
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The Municipal Villa, often hailed as the city’s “garden,” is a mesmerizing botanical sanctuary with roots dating back to 1870. Embracing this verdant oasis is the iconic Tullio Fountain, a symbol of both historical significance and refined elegance.

This captivating Municipal Villa functions as a true botanical gem, boasting an array of rare plant specimens and preserving the tranquil atmosphere of the post-Risorgimento era when it was first conceived. It was conceived as a public space for leisure, recreation, and social gatherings, catering to the emerging class of unified Italy.

At its heart lies a historical nucleus, featuring a tree-lined avenue that begins at the renowned Aesculapius Fountain, affectionately dubbed “Don Tullio” after the benevolent Salerno resident who donated it in 1790. The current incarnation of the Villa, though significantly modified, took shape in 1874 under the architectural guidance of Casalbore. This transformation introduced flowerbeds, winding pathways, lush plantings, statues, and fountains, all arranged within a triangular layout intersected by two avenues. A raised platform for musical performances became a focal point, while the existing fountain added to the allure, drawing gazes toward the sea.

Throughout its existence, the Villa has been embellished with monuments. In 1890, a statue crafted by Alfonso Balzico was unveiled, honoring Giovanni Nicotera, the Minister of the Interior in the De Pretis government of 1876 and a participant in the daring “three hundred young and strong” expedition. Although the original sculpture fell victim to World War I, a new rendition by Corrado Patroni was installed in the 1960s, depicting Nicotera defiantly tearing up his own death sentence.

Every April, the Villa bursts with life during a market-exhibition showcasing rare plants and garden treasures. In winter, it transforms into the Enchanted Garden, bedecked with luminous installations of the Artist’s Lights, offering visitors a magical spectacle to behold.

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Visiting Villa Comunale di Salerno

Address: Villa Comunale di Salerno, Via Roma, Salerno, SA, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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