Chiesa di San Giorgio

Church in Salerno

Chiesa E Monastero Di San Giorgio
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Jack45

The Church of San Giorgio in Salerno is renowned as a pinnacle of baroque magnificence within the city. Despite its modest facade along Cathedral Street, the interior unfolds as a breathtaking sanctuary, adorned with captivating frescoes by the celebrated artist Solimena.

Dating back to the 8th century, the origins of the Church of San Giorgio are rooted in an earlier church dedicated to the eastern saint. The present-day structure is the result of extensive renovations carried out in the late 17th century, revitalizing the ancient Monastery of San Giorgio. Remarkably, this monastery, now home to the barracks of the Carabinieri and the financial police, underwent restoration following the earthquake of 1980.

During this restoration, beneath the modern floor, the remains of a frescoed apse structure dating back to pre-10th century times were uncovered. To showcase this historical treasure, an innovative electric device was installed to raise the floor, allowing visitors to admire the captivating frescoes. Inside, the church features a single nave with a groined barrel vault, adorned with side chapels. A rectangular transept, crowned by a dome, adds to the architectural grandeur, culminating in a square space behind the altar.

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Visiting Chiesa di San Giorgio


€10 For Cathedram, Museum and San Giorgio, €7 for two, €5 for museaum only

Address: Chiesa e Monastero di San Giorgio, Via Duomo, Salerno, SA, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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