Complesso Monumentale di San Pietro a Corte

Palace and Roman Site in Salerno

Complesso Monumentale Di San Pietro A Corte
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The Monumental Complex of San Pietro a Corte stands as a pinnacle of Medieval architecture and the only surviving example of a palace building complex from the Lombard era in Europe. This site served as the prestigious seat of the Lombard Court in Campania, symbolizing political and strategic significance.

Constructed by Duke Arechi II of Benevento in 774, after the defeat of the Northern Lombards by Charlemagne, San Pietro a Corte became the new residence for the duke, who held the title of Princeps gentis langobardorum. The architectural remains include the upper room’s pilasters, which rest on the frigidarium of a spa complex dating back to the imperial age (late 1st – early 2nd century AD). Initially part of a spa, this structure was later repurposed as a Christian burial ground for notable personalities of the time, known as vir spectabilis.

The upper level of the complex likely housed the official room, possibly accompanied by a Palatine chapel. In 1567, the commendatory abbot Decio Caracciolo introduced modifications, including the grand staircase visible today from Largo Antica Corte. Between the 13th and 16th centuries, a chapel devoted to the Virgin Mary was added.

Currently undergoing restoration, the complex aims to become a museum showcasing the rich Lombard civilization of Southern Italy.

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Address: Complesso Monumentale di San Pietro a Corte - Ipogeo e Cappella Palatina, Larghetto San Pietro a Corte, Salerno, SA, Italy
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