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Giardino Della Minerva Salerno
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Miguel Hermoso Cuesta

The Garden of Minerva serves as a captivating window into the illustrious heritage of the Salerno Medical School and the fundamental principles of ancient and medieval medicine.

Nestled on the slopes of the Bonadies hill, flanked by the Fusandola stream and the ancient city walls, the Minerva Garden stands as a living testament to Matteo Silvatico’s legacy. Silvatico, a revered figure in the Salerno Medical School, established this garden centuries ago, marking the inception of the first botanical garden in the Western world. Its innovative design and botanical compositions influenced subsequent gardens in Padua, Pisa, Florence, Pavia, and Bologna.

Within the serene confines of the Minerva Garden, Silvatico meticulously cultivated and categorized an extensive array of plants and herbs. Beyond its botanical significance, the garden emerged as a focal point of educational endeavors, where Silvatico imparted knowledge to the eager students of the Salerno Medical School, thus solidifying Salerno’s position as a leading center of ancient Western science.

Exploring the Minerva Garden unveils treasures such as medieval painted tiles discovered during the restoration of Palazzo Capasso. Throughout the year, the garden hosts a diverse array of exhibitions and events of profound cultural significance. The culinary aspect of the garden is curated by the esteemed Nemus Association, renowned for its mastery in crafting herbal teas using locally sourced and certified ingredients, adding yet another layer of richness to the garden’s allure.

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Visiting Giardino della Minerva


Tuesday to Sunday: from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm



Address: Giardino della Minerva, Vicolo Ferrante Sanseverino, Salerno, SA, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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