Stazione Marittima di Salerno

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Stazione Marittima Di Salerno
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The Salerno Maritime Station, located on the Manfredi pier within the commercial port, serves as the primary cruise terminal in the city and stands out as one of the most significant in Campania and southern Italy. Beyond its functional role, this terminal also serves as a captivating link between the urban landscape and the sea.

With direct pedestrian pathways connecting it to Freedom Square, the Crescent, and the city’s seafront, visitors can easily explore Salerno on foot, eliminating the need for public transportation. The terminal’s architectural design, conceived by Zaha Hadid, is truly remarkable, resembling an oyster reaching out to the sea with its curved forms, elongated structures, varied perspectives, and fragmented geometry.

Inspired by the concept of an oyster, both in its external appearance and interior details, the Maritime Station embodies Zaha Hadid’s architectural principles. Its roof, reminiscent of a protective shell, shields the building from the Mediterranean sun during the day. As night falls, the roof comes alive with hundreds of LED lights and ceramic tiles, welcoming tourists and symbolically guiding ships to the port of Salerno like a lighthouse.

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Visiting Stazione Marittima di Salerno

Duration: 20 minutes

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