Syri Kalter - The Blue Eye

Natural Phenomenon in Sarandë

The “Blue Eye” is a deep subsurface well, or “blue hole,”  the water spring is a mesmerising natural phenomenon of extremely blue (and absolutely freezing) water!  What makes it even more beautiful is the crystal-clear surrounding water which exposes the rocks and vegetation at the edge.

On a sunny day the spring, producing a deep blue hue that glows like an eye. This phenomenon is due to the rising oxygen bubbles from the bottom of the water, which are more than 50 metres below the surface. Divers stopped at 50 meters!

There is also a beautiful location with oak and sycamore trees around the lake and a wooden viewing platform located directly above the “Face.”

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Visiting Syri Kalter - The Blue Eye


50 LEK

Duration: 1 hours

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