Ruins of Hadrianopolis

Ruins in Gjirokastër

Antique Theater Hadrianopolis Sofratika Albania
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Pasztilla aka Attila Terbócs

This valuable archaeological remnant of the Roman period, located only a few kilometers from Gjirokastra.
A settlement existed here from the late Classical or Hellenistic period originally inhabited by the tribe of the Chaonians. In the 2nd century it was re-founded by the Emperor Hadrian and was named Hadrianopolis. This occurred after the burning and destruction of Antigonea. It was situated on the road halfway between Apollonia to Nicopolis.

Repairs to the city were made by Justinian I (527 – 565), and it was renamed Justinianopolis. It became regional administrative center of old Epicurus and the see of a bishop.

The excavated area is small and the main point of interest is the theater which was designed in typical Roman fashion. The theater is surrounded by semicircular stairs made of stone that could sit hundreds of spectators as well as small, protective walls. The site includes another large building which is thought to have been a bath complex with changing rooms.

Hadrianopolis is part of the Antigonea Archaeological Park.

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Other names of Ruins of Hadrianopolis

The Ruins of Hadrianopolis has the following names: Hadrianoupolis.

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Visiting Ruins of Hadrianopolis

Duration: 2 hours

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