Lekursi Castle

Castle in Sarandë

Lëkurësi Castle Saranda, Albania
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Pasztilla¨aka Attila Terbócs

Lëkurësi Castle is a castle ruin in southern Albania, on hill to the south east of Sarandë.

Lëkurës Castle was built in 1537 by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent,  who also invaded Corfu and wanted to protect Saranda’s harbour and the road that connected it to Butrint.

At one time the castle surrounded a whole village of Lëkurës but today lies in semi-ruin. What’s left are parts of the walls, and a collapsing watchtower overlooking the harbour.

There are amazing panoramic views reaching all the way out to Corfu and the border with Greece. The night time view of Saranda from the fort is perfect.

Within the Castle is a bar-restaurant which has been sympathetically built with its surroundings.

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Visiting Lekursi Castle

Duration: 20 minutes

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