Salerno Porta Nova 

City Gate in Salerno

Porta Nova Salerno
CC BY-SA 2.0 / Dario

The New Gate, constructed in 1754 by master craftsman Ragozzino, stands as an elegant testament to eighteenth-century architecture. This imposing gate, which replaced the former Porta Elina, is adorned with marble and crowned by a magnificent statue of San Matteo, completed by sculptor Francesco Pagano in 1756.

Opposite the New Gate lies a historically significant square, which during the Middle Ages and modern era hosted the renowned San Matteo Fair. This prestigious event attracted merchants from across Southern Italy to trade a diverse array of goods. The square, once a bustling marketplace, also served as a site for capital sentences in times past.

On the right side of Portanova Square, a vivid reminder of the area’s historical significance persists in the form of a late seventeenth-century wall painting known as the Madonna delle Grazie. This votive aedicule provided a poignant backdrop for condemned individuals to offer their final prayers. Across from this memorial stands the church of San Pietro in Vinculis, historically associated with the brotherhood of the same name, which offered solace and aid to prisoners.

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Visiting Salerno Porta Nova 


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Address: Antica Porta Nova, Via Portanova, Salerno, SA, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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