Segovia Jewish Quarter

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Calle De La Judería De Segovia
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The Jewish quarter of Segovia was a neighbourhood of the city of Segovia inhabited by the Hebrew community at least since the 12th century and until its expulsion by the Edict of Granada promulgated by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492 . At the time it was one of the richest and most populated communities in all of Castile .

The Jewish Quarter is situated in the south of the walled city, in the area comprising the Plaza del Corpus Christi [Corpus Christi Square] and the Canonjías [Canonry]. The main thoroughfare is the old Calle Mayor [Main Street], known today as Judería Vieja [Old Jewish Quarter]. In 1492, after the expulsion, the Jewish Quarter became known as Barrionuevo [New District]. The significance of the Hebrew quarter can be deduced simply from the fact that it housed five synagogues, as well as several Rabbinic schools and some Hebrew butcher’s shops.

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Visiting Segovia Jewish Quarter

Duration: 20 minutes

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