Casa de los Picos

Historic Building in Segovia

Segovia, Casa De Los Picos
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Jesusccastillo

The Casa de los Picos is a building in the Spanish city of Segovia , home to the Segovia School of Art.

It was built in the last third of the 15th century by Don Pedro López de Ayala, next to the missing Puerta de San Martín. It is known for its facade, with 617 granite peaks, and for its Renaissance courtyard. The heraldry of the de la Hoz family can be distinguished on the lintels of the five balconies and on the access door. The hallway and patio are decorated with Talavera tiles that have different buildings from Segovia painted on them.

Throughout its history, the building passed through various owners, ceding it to the Ministry of Education in the 1970s, which rehabilitated and adapted it to house the headquarters of the Segovia School of Art and Superior Design, which began function in 1977.

It bears decorative similarities with the Casa de las Conchas in Salamanca, the Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara and the Casa dos Bicos in Lisbon.

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Visiting Casa de los Picos

Address: Casa De Los Picos C. Juan Bravo, 33 40001 Segovia Spain
Telephone: +34 921 462 674
Duration: 20 minutes

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