Plaza del Azoguejo

Square in Segovia

Segovia Aqueduct

The Plaza del Azoguejo is located in the city of Segovia. It was once the city’s market square and is located in the part where the Segovia aqueduct is highest.

The square is usually the start of any visit to the city. In other years it was the meeting place not only for the Segovians themselves but also for the inhabitants of nearby towns. There the farmers, ranchers and traders met. Its urbanism still preserves a certain air of popular architecture with well-differentiated and well-furnished not very tall houses, which makes the aqueduct’s monumentality stand out even more. One of the oldest citations on the Azoguejo is a codex from the Cantigas de Alfonso X el Sabio from the 13th century.

Church of Santa Columba in the Plaza del Azoguejo next to the aqueduct, in a 19th century engraving by François Hippolyte Lalaisse .
In the 17th century the painter Antonio Alberti “Barbalunga” captured the square in one of his works; There are numerous 18th century engravings in which the Romanesque church of Santa Columba and also the medieval houses that were built attached to the aqueduct can be seen without demolishing .

In Segovia there are two monumental fountains from the seventeenth century, one is called the Caño Seco and the other the Azoguejo because it is located in this square.

Calle Real leads to Azoguejo, a relevant artery dedicated to commerce since ancient times.

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Visiting Plaza del Azoguejo

Duration: 20 minutes

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