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Short Walking Tour Of Röttingen
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Situated on the northern side of the town, you’ll discover the Rippacher Turm. This tower, boasting a diameter of four meters, served as a vantage point for numerous observers during times of war. Ascending to the top floor, one will notice the slightly protruding layered masonry, designed to provide ample space and unobstructed views in all directions.

The tower’s conical roof, adorned with slate, harmoniously complements the sturdy walls. Standing proudly at the outskirts of the 19th-century cemetery, the Rippacher Turm enhances the northern section of the town’s protective wall. Its presence adds an element of charm and visual allure to the surrounding landscape, inviting visitors to appreciate both its historical significance and the scenic beauty it overlooks.

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Visiting Rippacher Turm

Address: Rippach Tower 97285 Röttingen Germany
Duration: 20 minutes

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