Tower in Röttingen

Röttingen, Mühlenturm
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Tilman2007

Among the numerous towers that once adorned the city’s landscape, only two remain standing on the southeastern side of the city wall. As mentioned before, one of them is the Old Hundheimer Torturm, and the other is the Mühlenturm, named after the nearby old mill, although it lies outside the fortified ring of the city.

Constructed using sturdy quarry stones, the tower showcases a conical roof covered with slate. With a diameter of five and a half meters, the tower features only a few small openings that allow light to filter through. The tower seamlessly integrates into the defensive wall, creating a harmonious composition, while the presence of the mill adds a touch of romance to the surrounding area.

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Visiting Mühlenturm

Duration: 5 minutes

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