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Church Of Santa Magdalena Palma
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Situated at Plaça de Santa Magdalena, adjacent to the Convent of Santa Magdalena de Palma, stands the Church of Santa Magdalena, another notable place of worship in Palma de Mallorca with origins dating back to the 14th century. This church, constructed in the Baroque style, underwent a complete reconstruction in 1740 while preserving its original design. It holds a special significance as the final resting place of Santa Catalina Tomàs, a woman with a challenging upbringing.

Catalina’s early life was marked by hardship as she was orphaned and raised in her uncle’s home, where she served as both a maid and a shepherdess. At a young age, she felt a strong calling to a life of religious devotion. When she was just 12 years old, Catalina approached the Convent of St. Mary Magdalena with a fervent desire to become a nun. Despite her age, the Convent initially rejected her request. Unfazed, Catalina sat resolutely on a stone and vowed not to move until she was admitted into the monastery. Remarkably, the very stone upon which Catalina sat remains preserved to this day.

Catalina is also believed to have possessed mystic and prophetic qualities, adding to her spiritual significance.

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Visiting Church of Santa Magdalena

Address: Convent de Santa Magdalena de Palma, Plaça de Santa Magdalena, Palma, Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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