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Plaza De Espana, Palma
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In the Plaza de España (Spain Square) of Palma de Mallorca, there stands a prominent statue of James I, the 13th-century King of Aragon, famously known as The Conqueror. This historical figure seized control of Mallorca from Aba Yahya, the Almohad governor, on September 5, 1229. The bronze equestrian sculpture of King James, crafted by the skilled sculptor Enrique Claraso y Daudi, holds a commanding position in this square.

James’s life was marked by periods of unrest, and the square bearing his statue mirrors this dynamism. It features cafes and seating areas where one can observe the bustling activity of daily life. The square is abuzz with buses, cars, and electric scooters darting about, as well as people coming together and parting ways beneath the vigilant gaze of the bronze King James.

This square serves as a vital hub of activity in Mallorca. Notably, it houses the city’s modern Estacion Intermodal, the central terminal for most buses and trains. Buses connect to various towns across the island, while trains offer routes to Inca san Pablo, Manacor, and Marratxi.

Behind the station terminal lies Station Park, offering a tranquil escape from the square’s hustle and bustle, complete with landscaped greenery and a children’s play area. The square itself is situated just across the road from the station. It boasts an array of cafes, restaurants, open-air terraces, and, of course, the imposing figure of King James.

The square serves as a converging point for several streets, including Alexandre Roselio Avenue, leading to El Corte Ingles, Spain’s largest department store. Additionally, the renowned Olivar Market, a vibrant food market, can be found here. Other notable streets connected to the square include La Rambla, Avenida Juan March Avenue, Eusebio Estada Street, and San Miguel Street.

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Address: Plaza de España, Plaça d'Espanya, Palma, Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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