Playa del Chato

Beach in Cádiz

Playa Del Chato
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Playa del Chato is a 70m-wide beach located on the exterior side of the arm of land connecting San Fernando and Cádiz City.

Similar to Playa de la Cortada the beach lies alongside the road into Cádiz which it is separated by a line of golden sand dunes.

The beach is a little more basic than the others further up the coast although does offer basic facilities such as a lifeguard post, beach cleaning and a nearby restaurant.

Playa de Torregorda is a southern continuation of Playa del Chato and extends a further 3.5km.


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Other names of Playa del Chato

The Playa del Chato has the following names: Playa de Torregorda.

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Visiting Playa del Chato

Duration: 5 minutes

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