Palacio de Sofraga (Ávila)

Palace in Ávila

Palacio Sofraga Avila
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The Palacio de Sofraga is a palace located in Ávila, Spain.

The palace belonged for generations to the Águila family, who both in the Middle Ages and in the Modern Age reached positions of power and influence in Castile.

The Palacio de Sofraga is one of the palaces in the city that, attached to or close to the gates of the Walls of Ávila, were inhabited by noble families from Avila, in charge of defending the gate and the wall adjoining their palace.

In the 16th century, D. Diego del Águila offered the buildings located in the Plazuela de Sofraga to temporarily transfer the convent of the Poor Clares to the city of Ávila, which until now had been located on the Las Gordillas estate, whose owner It had been Ms. María Dávila, widow of Mr. Fernán Núñez, both closely linked to the Catholic Monarchs.

Regarding its origins, it is believed that there were already buildings in the Plaza de Sofraga in the 15th century, although the first phase of the palace could have been built in the 16th century. The structure as it has come down to us today dates from the rehabilitation carried out on the building and gardens at the end of the 19th century.

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Visiting Palacio de Sofraga (Ávila)

Address: Palacio de Sofraga, Ávila‎, Spain
Duration: 20 minutes

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