Old Logroño City Hall (Plaza del Mercado)

Notable Building and Square in Logroño

Plaza Del Mercado En Logrono
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Old City Hall in Logroño is next to Cathedral Santa Maria de la Redonda and Portales street. A beautiful square that you can’t skip. It’s also a few steps of Laurel street and surrondings if you want to go for wine or beer.

The old City Hall was located in Plaza del Mercado. In the 16th century, on December 22, 1573, the City Council proceeded to purchase various houses and corrals owned by the Cabildo de La Redonda for the amount of 900 ducats.

The ” Plaza Mayor ” par excellence in the heart of the capital was built on its land . It was known by the names of “Plaza de la Redonda”, “De la Constitución”, “De San Bernabé”, “De la República”, “Héroes del Alcázar de Toledo” and since October 4, 1979, with the current Plaza del Mercado or “Market Square“.

In the mid-nineteenth century, with plans by the architect Martín Antonio de Jáuregui, the buildings in the northern area were built, which received the popular name of “Portalillos” (What later would be the calle portales de Logroño ), while the The unevenness between the Plaza and Calle Sagasta determined the construction of the “Escalerillas”.

This legendary part of the capital was formerly known by the respective names of, first. “Pastry” and then “Hosiery”, in clear allusion to the characteristic guilds.

In front of the San Martín façade of “La Redonda” the “Bishop’s Palace” was located for six hundred years, parallel to the current Mercaderes street, previously known as “Alojerías”. The palace was demolished in 1848 and on the resulting site it was thought to build a new building for the Town Hall.

In 1872, this area was completely urbanized, and a landscaped square emerged that received the name of “San Bernabé” and that, gradually deteriorated, ended up becoming, first, a popular cereal market, to become years later the unique “traces ”Of the city and in an area for car parking.

In 1889, and on the occasion of the bringing of drinking water from the Iregua River , a large pond was built in the center of the square, surrounded by extraordinary gardens, it was inaugurated by Mayor Rodríguez Paterna.

Finally in 1933, it was decided to completely reform the historic place in order to turn it into a square of eminently Castilian character. For this reason the aforementioned pond disappeared, which was replaced by another source with attached services that remained until a few years before the current reform.

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Visiting Old Logroño City Hall (Plaza del Mercado)

Duration: 20 minutes

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