Muralla del Revellín

City Gate and City Walls in Logroño

Logrono Arco Del Revellin
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Juanje 2712

The walls of Revellín are the remains of the fortifications that the city of Logroño had, of which the west-facing door has been preserved. The most important fortification process in the city took place between 1498 and 1540 , reinforcing the old medieval wall.

After the commune uprising , the troops of Francisco I of France commanded by General Asparrot besieged the city on May 25 , 1521, being Captain Vélez de Guevara who organized the defense. But the wall and gate visible today began to be built in 1522 , 1 a year after the siege.

From the second half of the 16th century, the importance of the defence of the city was lost, which made the deterioration of the walls evident. Private buildings were built attached to it, which did not prevent the current remains from being preserved.

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Visiting Muralla del Revellín

Duration: 20 minutes

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