Castle, Ruins and Village in Shkodër

Drisht Albania
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Drisht is a small village in Albania near Shkodër. Its small size hides its former importance, at the height of its power it had a fortress and it was the seat of a bishopric until the 9th century.

The citadel  ruins date date to a castle in the 14th century. In 1396 the town was purchased by the Venetian Republic, the remains of which are a venetian wall and well thought to be from the 15th century. During the war with the Ottoman empire in 1478 many of the houses within the castle walls were destroyed and only the remains of 11 houses are still inside the castle walls.

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Other names of Drisht

The Drisht has the following names: Drivasto.

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Visiting Drisht

Duration: 1 hours

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