Shkodra Cathedral

Cathedral in Shkodër

The Roman Catholic  Cathedral of Shkodër, is also known as the Catholic Cathedral of St Stephen, who is the patron saint of the city of Shkodra.

Originally, the Cathedral was inside the walls of the Castle Rozafa. However the cathedral became a mosque following the Ottoman invasion of the town in 1478. In 1852 the Catholic church appealed to the Sultan for a cathedral to be built, and the cathedral was completed in 1858 and the building was ordained in 1867.

The cathedral was damaged by the Montenegrin army during the Siege of Scutari between 1912–1913, especially on the south-east side, causing fire in the bell tower. The cathedral was closed in 1967 and reopened in 1990.

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Visiting Shkodra Cathedral


Monday-Sunday 8:00-12:00

Address: Rruga Gerej Shkodër Albania

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