Venice Art Mask Factory

Museum in Shkodër

Carnavalsmaskers Venetië
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Dagoos

Venice Art Mask Factory mask show features the most extensive and unique collection of Venetian luxury baroque hand crafted masks in paper mache and ceramic. The masks are decorated with materials, such as authentic plume feathers, gold and silver leaf, carnival Swarovski crystals and pearls.

It is a combined workshop and museum is run by Edmond Angoni, an Albanian artisan who emigrated to Italy in the nineties to master the mask-making art of Veneto. He has since made a successful career designing masks for a host of films and productions, the most famous being Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut in 1999. Apart from the fact that each mask is treated as a unique work of art, the sheer originality and quality of these works has contributed to the increase in popularity of this factory worldwide. He has set up shop in Shkodra in recent years and employs a lot of locals in his factory.


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Visiting Venice Art Mask Factory


8am – 6pm

Address: Rruga Inxh Gjovalin Gjadri Shkodër, Albania, Shkoder 4002 Albania

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