La Fuente Acorazada

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La Fuente Acorazada

La Fuente Acorazada or The Armoured Fountain is a small water source located at the foot of  Monte Urgull in San Sebastian, Spain.

Unfortunately this is now an uninspiring trickle of water over some cut stone blocks at the back of a car park. However  during the First Carlist War (1835), the Carlist cut off the city’s water supply and the citizens had to come here for their water. They had to walk through the fortifications of Mount Urgull and then go scramble down to the fountain. It would often be the young ladies of the city who would be tasked with this and they would strike up a relationship with the soldiers garrisoned above in the Batería de las Damas.

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Visiting La Fuente Acorazada


24 Hours



Address: Fuente de la Atalaya, o de Bardocas Pasealeku Berria, 6 20003 Donostia-San Sebastian SS Spain
Duration: 5 minutes

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