Ayuntamiento de San Sebastian

Historic Building in San Sebastián

Ayuntamiento de San Sebastian or San Sebastian’s city hall was constructed between 1882 and 1887 and is located in the Alderdi Eder Gardens.

Originally it was home to a casino, where politicians and artists enjoyed themselves during the Belle Époque.

It was a casino until the gambling ban in 1924. It was the Center of Attraction and Tourism until 1945 when it a council building. The building was the scene of one of the many fights between nationalists and republicans in the Spanish Civil War and the bullet holes can still be found in the facade.

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Visiting Ayuntamiento de San Sebastian





Address: 1 Ijentea Kalea, Donostia, Euskadi, 20003, Spain
Telephone: +34 943481000
Duration: 20 minutes

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