Gjirokastër Cold War Tunnel Museum

Historic Building in Gjirokastër

Gjirokastër Cold War Tunnel Museum
© Malik Yavaş

The Cold War Museum is an emergency underground bunker in Gjirokastër. It wass built in secret in the early 1970s. The bunker is 800 m long and has 59 rooms. The bunker is a stark contrast to similar bunkers in Tirana which have been restored, this is in its original state, which is less informative but more atmospheric and a little scary. The bunker contains rooms for government ministries, local government, interrogators, party elites, de-contamination room, sleeping quarters, power generation (contains a rusting Czechoslovakia-made generator), and water storage. Unfortunately some items were looted during the unrest of the 1990s.

Albanian’s communist dictator, Enver Hoxha, feared foreign invasion, especially after Albania’s breakup with Soviet Union in the early 1960s.

Other names of Gjirokastër Cold War Tunnel Museum

The Gjirokastër Cold War Tunnel Museum has the following names: Cold War Tunnel.

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Visiting Gjirokastër Cold War Tunnel Museum


8am-4pm Mon-Fri, 10am-2pm Sat, 9am-3pm Sun


200 lek

Duration: 1 hours

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