Ancient city of Dimali

Ruins in Berat

Dimal In Illyria
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Ruins of ancient city of Dimal located near the village of today Krotinë western slope the Shpiragu mountain. Dimali is recognized as one of the cities fortified southern Illyria and was an important city during the Macedonian-Roman wars 220-205 B.C.

The city was fortified by walls and had a small a necropolis, some houses and an acropolis, which was discovered by archaeologists in the 1960s. Traces of monuments in acropolis, the surrounding walls, porches for placing sculptures, show us importance of the city at that time. One of the first items found when the site was discovered in the 1960s was a 30 meter stoa, a  covered walkway or portico flanked with columns. This similar to the archaeological complex in Fier’s, a nearby city. The numerous stamped tiles recovered from Dimal indicate the wide variety of workshops were located in the city.

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Visiting Ancient city of Dimali

Duration: 1 hours

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