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Cobo Winery
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Wide stretches of the farmland around Berat are filled with vineyards.

The Çobo family has a long tradition of producing wine, dating back to the early 1900’s. Production stopped in 1945 when private wine production was banned by the Communist  party, but started again. The Çobo Winery is located in the rolling hills that surround the city of Berat at the foot of Mt. Tomorri. The winery consists of several cultivated vineyards, a spacious kulla that is a form of Albanian traditional architecture, and a room for wine presentations.

A tour of the facility provides a comprehensive view of the method of wine making and detailed explanations, punctuated with contrasting sentimental and humorous vignettes that create a vivid impression of the family’s history and the roots of its wines. After the tour of the grounds, guests are invited to share a glass of wine and exchange stories with a member of the Çobo family while enjoying a variety of homemade Albanian cheeses and locally-grown olives.

Tours are available by scheduled appointment, and typically last between two and four hours, depending on the size and wishes of the group.

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Visiting Çobo Winery

Address: Ura Vajgurore Berat, Albania
Duration: 2 hours

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