Fier City Guide

Fier is a historic and attractive city in southwest Albania. The main attraction of Fier is probably the remains of the ancient Illyrian town of Apollonia, which contains, among other unforgettable attractions, a magnificent Odeon or ‘small theatre’ and the charming House of Mosaics. The Archeological Park of Bylis, the largest Illyrian city in southern Albania, is another example of a bygone era. The area surrounding Fier is a site of great natural beauty, in addition to these beautiful reminders of the past. The Karavasta Lagoon, one of the most well-preserved wetlands in the world, is situated on the Adriatic Sea, just a 30-minute drive from Fier. The lagoon, rich in different species of flora and fauna, is both a bird-watcher’s paradise as well as a food-lover’s dream!

2 Best things to See in Fier

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