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Cuevas Del Hams

Situated along the east coast of Mallorca, just 1 kilometer from the town of Porto Cristo, you’ll find the fascinating Hams Caves, known as Cuevas Dels Hams. These caves boast an ancient history, estimated to be around 10 million years old, yet their discovery didn’t occur until 1905 when they were stumbled upon by Pedro Caldentey.

One of the prominent features of the Hams Caves is the presence of an underground lake, often referred to as “The Sea of Venice.” The caves derive their name from the distinctive shapes of the stalactites and stalagmites, which resemble fish hooks, with “hams” being the Mallorquín term for these formations.

The main cave comprises 12 distinct areas, each offering unique and mesmerizing sights. The Blue Cave, for instance, showcases a documentary video titled “Discovering the Past,” providing insights into the formation of the Hams Caves, their discovery, and the history of Mallorca. In the Round Cave, visitors are treated to a magnificent space that now serves as a botanical garden, but in ancient times, it was an underground cave.

Lorenzo Caldentey, the son of the discoverer, played a crucial role by providing electricity to the caves for performances and tours. Today, visitors can enjoy the enchanting “Magical Mozart” concert, where musicians perform on a small rowboat surrounded by candle-lit railings and accompanied by a captivating light show, making for an unforgettable experience.

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Visiting Cuevas del Hams


11.00 – 16.00



Address: Cuevas Dels Hams, Ctra. Ma-4020 Manacor–Porto Cristo, Porto Cristo, Spain
Duration: 1 hours

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