Capdepera Lighthouse

Lighthouse in Palma

Far De Capdepera
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Frank Vincentz

The Capdepera Lighthouse stands proudly on the Punta de Capdepera coastline, marking the easternmost point of Mallorca. Often referred to as a “Symbol of the 19th Century,” this lighthouse sits at an elevation of approximately 55 meters above sea level and was commissioned by Isabel II in 1861. Its construction was primarily intended to aid sailors navigating the waters between France and Menorca, offering them a guiding light in this challenging maritime passage.

Over time, the Capdepera Lighthouse evolved into a protective beacon for those traversing the area, shielding them from the formidable winds that frequent the region. In the present day, it is a popular destination for those seeking panoramic views. Access to the lighthouse is convenient, whether by car, bicycle, or on foot. Upon reaching the summit, the vast expanse of the sky serves as a well-earned reward for visitors.

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Visiting Capdepera Lighthouse

Duration: 20 minutes

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