Calvari Steps in Pollensa

Historic Site and Viewing Point in Pollenca

Calvari Steps In Pollensas
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Adam Loader

The town of Pollensa is situated at the base of Calvari Hill, which features a charming chapel and a stairway lined with cypress trees, comprising a total of 365 steps. The Calvari Steps, also known as Calvary Way, are a fascinating attraction. These ancient stone steps lead to a beautiful old chapel.

Good Friday in Pollensa is the backdrop for the most compelling procession of the year. The event begins with a reenactment of the Stations of the Cross along the road that winds up the rear of the hill. Following this, a symbolic crucifixion takes place at the summit of the hill, and the figure of Christ is reverently taken down from the Cross. A solemn and torchlit procession then moves through the town, with hundreds of participants dressed in cloaks, masks, and pointed hats. This procession is conducted in complete silence, except for the slow and rhythmic beat of a drum.

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Visiting Calvari Steps in Pollensa

Duration: 40 minutes

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