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Chateau De Lehon
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Léhon Castle, a 13th-century fortress situated in Dinan within the delegated commune of Léhon, Côtes-d’Armor, has a rich history dating back to its original construction in 1034. Initially destroyed by the Duke of Brittany during inheritance wars, it underwent several reconstructions due to conflicts and Norman invasions. By the 1080s, Geoffroy I Boterel expanded his domain into the region, marking the beginning of the castle’s significance in regional power dynamics.

The castle saw various sieges and destructions, particularly during the conflicts between Brittany and England. Henry II of England destroyed it in 1169, but it was rebuilt the following year. The fortress was a key site in the Duchy of Brittany’s internal conflicts, with its lords playing significant roles in the ducal politics and the War of the Succession of Brittany.

In the 13th century, Pierre Mauclerc, also known as Pierre I of Brittany, reconstructed the castle, enhancing its fortifications. It remained a strategic stronghold through the medieval period, witnessing several sieges and military actions, including those led by the Duke of Lancaster and the French during the Hundred Years’ War.

By the 15th century, despite modifications for firearms, the castle fell into ruin and was eventually abandoned. It served as a stone quarry from the 17th century onwards. Charles Bruslart later donated the ruins to the monks of Léhon Abbey, marking the end of its military significance. The 19th and 20th centuries saw the castle’s partial restoration, including the establishment of a chapel on the site of the keep and efforts by the local municipality to preserve and highlight the ruins.

Today, the castle’s ruins, listed as historical monuments in 2004, offer insights into medieval military architecture with its Philippian design, semi-circular and horseshoe towers, and a trapezoidal plan. The eastern entrance, southern and western defenses, and the northern enclosure showcase the adaptability of the fortress over centuries of warfare and peace, standing as a testament to the turbulent history of Brittany.

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Address: Château de Léhon, Allée du Château, Dinan, France
Duration: 20 minutes

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