The Rance River

Waterway in Dinan & Léhon

Dinan On The Banks Of The Rance

The Rance River, once a bustling artery for cargo ships, now plays host to an array of luxurious boats, presenting a picturesque scene worthy of exploration. The journey towards the river, set against the backdrop of the town’s imposing walls, offers a striking view, particularly from their towering height. Historically, this river served as a vital trade hub, facilitating commerce throughout the centuries. Today, even under a blanket of overcast skies, a walk along the riverbank remains a delightful pursuit. In the summertime, this experience is elevated to perfection when complemented by the simple pleasure of enjoying a delicious ice cream while strolling along the water’s edge.

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Visiting The Rance River

Address: Port de Dinan Rue du Quai 22100 Dinan France
Duration: 20 minutes
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