Agafay Desert

Desert in Marrakesh

Agafay Desert
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Pierre.hamelin

The Agafay desert is a desert which is located about thirty kilometers from the red city of Marrakech , on the first heights of the High Atlas massif in Morocco . It is a reg or a stony desert that extends over several hundred hectares. It is covered with stones and rocks in a hilly environment made up of dunes with white and ocher tones.

Although Agafay’s topography resembles that of a typical desert, such as the Sahara , it is not a desert in the proper sense of the term, but rather a desert expanse of reduced surface area. Its proximity to the Ocher City makes it a popular getaway with growing popularity.

The Agafay desert includes an oasis of about seven hectares, planted with eucalyptus , olive trees and vines, nicknamed the enchanted oasis , which derives its vitality from a nearby wadi .

Agafay is also characterized by the presence of many multicolored stairs. It is also possible to go quad biking and eat local food.

The Agafay desert is easily accessible from Marrakech towards the small town of Tameslohte (commune) via the provincial road P2014.

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Visiting Agafay Desert

Duration: 20 minutes

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