Agdal Gardens (Aguedal Park Gardens)

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Agdal Garden, Marrakech
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The Agdal Gardens of Marrakech form the oldest preserved park of the city. Along with the Medina of Marrakech and the Menara gardens, they have been put on the list of “World Cultural Heritage Sites” by the UNESCO in 1985.

The Agdal garden in Marrakesh was established by the Almoravids in the 12th century and takes its name from the Berber language, meaning “meadow on the banks of a wadi enclosed with a stone wall.” The garden is comprised of several linked gardens, including an orange grove and olive plantation, which were irrigated using a network of underground channels and ditches that brought water from the Ourika Valley. In the 19th century, the gardens were expanded and enclosed with pise walls. They also include a lake called the Tank of Health, which was probably as old as the orchards but was re-shaped at this time with pavilions overlooking the water. The Agdal garden is thought to be similar in both geometry and function to the ancient gardens of Mesopotamia, rather than the traditional Islamic gardens that are more commonly known.

Where are the Agdal Gardens Located?

The Agdal Gardens are located some three kilometers south of the Medina, beyond the city walls. The easiest way to get there is via the Rue Sidi Mimoun. If you don’t want to walk for half an hour from the medina, you can also take a Petit Taxi (15–20 DH).

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Visiting Agdal Gardens (Aguedal Park Gardens)


Friday and Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.



Address: Agdal Gardens, Routes des remparts, Marrakesh, Morocco
Duration: 1 hours

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