Weinmarkt, Dinkelsbühl

Historic Building in Dinkelsbühl

Weinmarkt, Dinkelsbühl
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On the western side of the ‘Weinmarkt’ or Wine Market, one can admire a collection of splendid gabled houses from around 1600. These architectural gems include:

The former council tavern, characterized by a decorative spire. It once served as the weighing building and provided accommodations for esteemed guests such as Emperor Charles V in 1546 and King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden in 1632.

The present-day guesthouse ‘Zur Glocke’, showcasing a stepped gable that dates back to before 1600. This patrician house has a rich history.

The half-timbered ‘Deutsches Haus’, featuring intricate figures and originating from the Late Renaissance period. Notably, Bacchus, the god of wine and merriment, can be found seated beneath the hipped roof.

The ‘Schranne’, constructed around 1600, boasting a spiral gable adorned with obelisks. This elongated and impressive building served various purposes, including functioning as a grain store, a trading place, and even a dance hall.

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Visiting Weinmarkt, Dinkelsbühl

Address: Weinmarkt, Dinkelsbühl, Germany
Duration: 20 minutes

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