New Town Hall, Dinkelsbühl

Historic Building in Dinkelsbühl

Rathaus Dinkelsbühl
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Constructed in 1733, this building served as a private residence for Bauer, who held various roles including postmaster, senator, and later mayor. Since 1855, the town administration has been situated within its walls. Above the main entrance, a banner proudly displays a quote from the ‘Richtungsbrief’ (direction letter) of 1387, which played a significant role in the governance of the town’s guilds. Across from the building stands the former guesthouse ‘Drei Mohren’, where on 4th November 1797, the renowned Johann Wolfgang von Goethe dined during his journey to Nuremberg.

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Visiting New Town Hall, Dinkelsbühl

Address: Rathaus Segringer Str. 30 91550 Dinkelsbühl Germany
Duration: 20 minutes

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