Segringer Tor

City Gate and Tower in Dinkelsbühl

Segringer Tor
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After being besieged by Swedish troops in 1649, the ‘Segringer Tor’ (Segringen Gate) collapsed and was reconstructed in the Baroque style in 1655. The adjacent town wall served as a protective barrier, securing the southwestern flank with several fortified towers. Within the gate passageway, a stairwell leads down to the town moat. From the expansive Segringer Straße, one can enjoy a picturesque view of the old town’s rooftops and the majestic ‘Münster St. Georg’ (Cathedral of St. George). As early as 1889, artists began discovering the charming town, making Dinkelsbühl a sought-after summer destination for renowned painters.

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Visiting Segringer Tor

Address: Segringer Tor, Segringer Straße, Dinkelsbühl, Germany
Duration: 20 minutes

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