Vieux Port (Old Port), Marseille

Port in Marseille

Vieux Port (Old Port), Marseille
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The Vieux-Port (Old Port) of Marseille, nestled at the base of the iconic Canebière, stands as one of the city’s quintessential symbols, alongside Notre-Dame de la Garde. This historic hub is a gathering place for major events, celebrations, and fireworks, embodying the spirit of the people of Marseille.

Tracing its origins back to the ancient Greek colony of Massalia, the Old Port has been a central element of Marseille’s history, later known as Roman Massilia and medieval Marsiho. From its inception, the port, flanked by limestone cliffs and oriented towards the Mediterranean Sea, has been a vital center for trade. Over the centuries, Marseille built extensive trade networks reaching far-flung destinations.

A notable feature of the Vieux Port was the transporter bridge, a metallic structure that linked the two guarding forts, Saint-Nicolas and Saint-Jean. This bridge, inaugurated in 1905, was a significant landmark until its destruction post-World War II.

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Visiting Vieux Port (Old Port), Marseille

Address: Vieux Port, Rue Breteuil, Marseille, France
Duration: 1 hours

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