Musée des Docks Romains

Museum in Marseille

Musée Des Docks Romains
CC BY-SA 2.0 / Robert Valette

The Museum of Roman Docks in Marseille is an extraordinary archaeological site, prominently featuring the well-preserved remains of a Roman commercial warehouse. Discovered in 1947 during the post-war reconstruction of areas destroyed by German occupation, these significant historical remnants were preserved on-site, largely thanks to the efforts of Fernand Benoit, a distinguished historian and archaeologist.

Opened to the public in 1963 and renovated in 1987, the museum is renowned for its collection of 30 dolia—immense ceramic containers used in Roman times primarily for storing wine or oil. These containers, often integral to agricultural operations at vineyards, measure up to 1.70 meters in height and 1.60 meters in diameter, with a capacity of 1,800 to 2,000 liters. The dolia were typically buried in the ground to enhance stability and were sealed with resin-coated covers, creating an ideal environment for preserving wine by protecting it from temperature changes.

Visitors to the museum can also explore the “Park of the dolia,” where the walls and wells of medieval houses are on display, further enriching the site’s historical context. Moreover, the museum includes an intriguing exhibition of artifacts retrieved from underwater excavations of 20 shipwrecks in the harbor of Marseille. These artifacts, related to maritime trade, are displayed in strategically positioned windows along the walls, providing a captivating insight into the commercial history of the region.

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Visiting Musée des Docks Romains


Daily 09:00 – 18:00

Closed Mondays



Address: Musée des Docks romains de la Ville de Marseille, Place Vivaux, Marseille, France
Duration: 20 minutes

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