Vietri sul Mare

Town in Amalfi Coast

Vietri Sul Mare, Italia
CC-BY-SA / Diego Delso

The Amalfi Coast is often associated with the vibrant hues of lemon yellow, forest green, and sea blue, but in Vietri sul Mare—the birthplace of the exquisite hand-painted Vietri tiles—these colors burst into a kaleidoscope of rainbow intensity.

Vietri sul Mare, the coast’s easternmost village, is an open-air museum in every sense. As you wander along its main thoroughfare, you’ll find ceramics adorning stairways, storefronts, and alleyways in a dazzling array of colors. Explore the ceramics workshops where artisans craft beautiful vases and tableware, or visit the Solimene Ceramics Factory, notable for its colorful tiled exterior. After filling your suitcase with handmade ceramics, make your way to the Villa Comunale, an “urban garden” featuring rainbow-hued tiled steps that lead down to the sea.

Planning tip: When purchasing Vietri ceramics, remember that no two pieces of true artisanal craftsmanship are ever alike, making each item a unique piece of art.

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Visiting Vietri sul Mare

Duration: 3 hours

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