Valbonë Valley National Park

National Park in Bajram Curri

Valbona Valley National Park, or Gem of Albania, is inside the Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps) in Northeastern Albania. It lies between Thethi National Park, the Gashi River, Plava and Gucia in Montenegro, all strictly protected natural areas. The mountain range is spread over the borders of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.

The park, which is Albania’s largest protected area,  encompasses the forested Valbona River and its surrounding mountains, with their alpine landscapes, glacial springs,  various rock formations, and waterfalls. The valley of Valbona is fondly called the ‘Miracle of the Alps‘.

Inside the  park, there are many caves and grottos, the most prominent being the cave of Dragobia, where the remains of Bajram Curri, a national hero lie.

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Visiting Valbonë Valley National Park

Duration: 8 hours

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