Tempio di Vesta and Tempio della Sibilla

Roman Site in Tivoli

Temples Sibylle Et Vesta

Located east of the cathedral and a stone’s throw from Piazza Rivarola, the Temples of Vesta and Sybil stand proudly atop Tivoli’s ancient acropolis of Tibur Superbum, commanding a panoramic view over the picturesque landscape, including the nearby Villa Gregoriana. The round temple dedicated to Vesta, adorned with ten of its original 18 Corinthian columns, dates back to the second or first century BC. In close proximity lies the rectangular Temple of Sybil, of similar antiquity, although the identities of their respective dedications remain shrouded in mystery.

The enduring legacy of the round temple to Vesta is owed in part to its transformation during the Middle Ages into the Christian church of Santa Maria della Rotonda. While this conversion may have altered its original purpose, any traces of these modifications have long since faded, leaving behind a testament to the passage of time and the resilience of ancient architecture. For those seeking to explore these ancient wonders, a scenic path from the Villa Gregoriana offers a tranquil journey to the temples’ hallowed grounds.

Throughout the 19th century, the Temple of Vesta emerged as a favored subject among artists embarking on the “Grand Tour,” drawn to its timeless beauty and evocative ambiance. Today, these ancient temples continue to captivate visitors with their storied past and enigmatic allure, standing as silent sentinels of Tivoli’s rich cultural heritage.

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Visiting Tempio di Vesta and Tempio della Sibilla

Address: Tempio di Vesta, Tivoli, Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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