Steinau Castle

Castle and Museum in Steinau an der Straße

Steinau An Der Straße, Schloss Steinau
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Steinau Castle is a well-preserved castle complex from the early modern period. It was built by Philip II and later Philip III of Hanau-Münzenberg between 1525 and 1560, including the former medieval castle. Some documents suggest that the construction may have begun as early as 1508. The construction was overseen by master stonemason Asmus from Steinau.

The castle is built in an irregular pentagon shape with four (originally five) wings, four corner buildings, and two gatehouses in the north and south. The fifth wing in the southeast was destroyed during the Croatian invasion in 1634 and was later removed, but its foundation walls and crest stones can still be seen today.

One of the most noteworthy features of the castle is its outer defense system, which is an important element of one of the earliest bastioned castle complexes that have survived in Germany. The castle is surrounded by a moat called the “Hirschgraben,” which is 4-5 meters deep and 18-25 meters wide. The moat was once used to keep game, hence its name. Today, the area around the castle is a park-like facility with a children’s playground.

The interior of Steinau Castle

The Counts of Hanau-Münzenberg embellished the palace interiors with splendid decorations. The halls and rooms were adorned with exquisite wall paintings featuring Renaissance motifs and antique portrait medallions. One can gain a lively understanding of the palace’s reconstructed furnishings by visiting the Hofstube, which displays portraits of nobility from the 16th century. Additionally, the adjacent castle kitchen showcases replicas of various food models and cooking utensils from the 19th century, offering a glimpse into the everyday lives of palace residents from previous centuries.

Brothers Grimm Exhibition

Starting from 2015, a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Brothers Grimm has been open to the public on the upper level of the castle. The exhibition was created in collaboration with the Brothers Grimm Society (Kassel) and the State Palaces and Gardens. The Brothers spent their childhood in Steinau, and their memories and writings of this period are well-documented. The exhibition showcases significant artifacts from the Grimm family estate, including unique family portraits, everyday objects like a family Bible, a snuff box, and Jacob Grimm’s inkpot. Visitors can also view furniture, busts, and graphics, enhancing the presentation. A significant portion of the exhibit is dedicated to the Grimm children’s and household tales, as well as their origins.

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Visiting Steinau Castle


10am-5pm Tue-Sun Mar-Nov


adult/concession €4/3.50

Duration: 1 hours

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