St Catherine Church, Steinau

Church in Steinau an der Straße

Katharinenkirche Steinau An Der Strasse
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St Catherine Church dates back to 1273 and was first documented during that period. While conducting construction work, the remains of a chapel from the 9th century were discovered in the foundations. Despite being affected by iconoclasm, the stone Holy Sepulcher within the church, which is around 500 years old, was preserved. The primary bell in use today was cast in 1477 and dedicated to Saint Catherine. Additionally, from 1730 to 1777, the grandfather of the Brothers Grimm, Pastor Friedrich Grimm, preached at this church as a Reformed pastor. The discovery of the fresco, “The Attempted Sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham,” in the chancel of the church is a remarkable sensation, further adding to its historical significance.

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Visiting St Catherine Church, Steinau

Address: Katharinenkirche, Steinau an der Straße, Germany
Duration: 20 minutes

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