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Museum Grossauheim
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The Großauheim Museum has been located in the former power station and historic bathhouse since 1983. In recent years, the museum has undergone extensive renovations and received a fresh direction. The exhibition area is divided into two sections, with the art exhibition opening in August 2010 in the former art nouveau bathhouse, which dates back to 1908. The exhibition features works by August Gaul, a sculptor from Großauheim, and August Peukert, a painter from Hanau.

The newly-designed exhibition on industrial history has been on display since December 2011 in the halls of the former power station and fire brigade. It showcases the city of Hanau’s current developments as a site of research and industry, as well as its industrially influenced past. The exhibition includes historical machines manufactured by the company Josef Bautz, as well as scythes, a mobile threshing machine, and a steam-powered tractor with a rope winch dating back to 1896, which demonstrate the mechanization of agriculture. The exhibition also features items such as “Original Hanau” sunlamps, Dunlop racing tires, and tennis rackets that document the history of traditional Hanau enterprises. On certain days, steam engine demonstrations are also held.

In 2014, an interactive sound sculpture by Erwin Stache was added to the historical exhibits. The sculpture’s acoustic basis is formed by the sounds of the machines exhibited in the museum. Visitors have the opportunity to adjust the speed and duration, mix, and direction of the sounds using a historical box with old switches and dials.

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Visiting Museum Grossauheim


Saturdays & Sundays: 11 A.M. TO 5 P.M

Address: Museum Großauheim Pfortenwingert 4, 63457 Hanau
Duration: 30 minutes

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