Sé Velha de Bragança

Cathedral in Bragança

Old Cathedral Of Bragança
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The Sé Velha de Bragança, also known as Colégio do Santo Nome de Jesus, Catedral de Bragança, and Igreja Paroquial de São João Baptista, is a former convent located in the Sé, Santa Maria e Meixedo parish of Bragança municipality in Portugal. Today, part of its facilities are used as the Bragança Cultural Center and Bragança Music Conservatory.

Originally constructed in the 16th century as a convent, the Sé Velha de Bragança became the diocesan cathedral in 1764 with the transfer of the seat of the diocese from Miranda do Douro to Bragança. After the inauguration of a new cathedral in 2001, the building was repurposed as a parish church. The temple is dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus and Saint John the Baptist.

In 2012, both the Church and the Cloister were classified as monuments of public interest.

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Visiting Sé Velha de Bragança

Address: Igreja de São João Baptista (antiga Sé de Bragança), Rua Alexandre Herculano, Bragança, Portugal
Duration: 20 minutes

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