Historic Building in Bremen

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The Schutting, formerly a merchants’ guildhouse in Bremen, now serves as the chamber of commerce. Its construction took place in 1537/38 under the supervision of Johann den Buschener, drawing inspiration from the Renaissance architecture of Flanders. In 1594, during a decorative renovation of the building’s front facing the market, the merchants’ coat of arms was incorporated above the entrance, alongside the coat of arms of the city of Bremen. Symbolizing the historical identity of Bremen’s merchants as imperial traders, the coat of arms features a crowned, double-headed imperial eagle. Below it, the motto of Bremen’s merchants, “Buten un binnen, wagen un winnen” (venture and win, both inside and outside), was added in 1899.

For over five centuries, Bremen’s chamber of commerce has been a pillar of the city’s economic independence, dedicated to fostering the success of Bremen and its business community with a global perspective, progressive thinking, and innovative approaches. Today, it plays a vital role as a representative and pioneering service provider, catering to approximately 29,000 members and the broader commercial sector of Bremen. The chamber of commerce stands as a testament to Bremen’s enduring commercial heritage and its commitment to driving economic growth and development.

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Visiting Schütting

Address: Schütting, Am Markt, Bremen, Germany
Duration: 20 minutes

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