Santuário do Senhor Jesus da Pedra

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Santuário Do Senhor Jesus Da Pedra
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Santuário do Senhor Jesus da Pedra, also known as the Sanctuary of Lord Jesus of the Stone, is a Catholic pilgrimage site located in the village of Casal Novo, near the town of Óbidos in Portugal. The sanctuary is situated on top of a hill and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

The sanctuary is dedicated to the image of the crucified Christ, which is housed in a small chapel at the site. Legend has it that the image was discovered in a nearby river by a group of fishermen in the 16th century. Between 1740-47 the fishermen then built a chapel on the spot where they found the image, and it became a place of pilgrimage for the local community.

Over the centuries, the sanctuary has grown in size and popularity, and today it attracts thousands of visitors each year. The site features a number of religious buildings, including the main church, a chapel, and a bell tower. The church is decorated with beautiful frescoes and houses several other important religious artifacts, including a wooden sculpture of Saint Anthony and a painting of Our Lady of Sorrows. In the sanctuary square there is a delightful blue and white fountain, elegantly fashioned in the Baroque style.

The sanctuary is also surrounded by beautiful gardens and walkways, which provide visitors with a peaceful and serene environment in which to reflect and pray. The site is especially popular during the annual Feast of Senhor Jesus da Pedra, which takes place on the last Sunday of August and attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over Portugal.

Overall, Santuário do Senhor Jesus da Pedra is a significant religious site and a testament to Portugal’s rich cultural heritage. It offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the country’s deep devotion to its Catholic traditions and beliefs.

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Visiting Santuário do Senhor Jesus da Pedra

Address: Santuário do Senhor Jesus da Pedra, Largo do Santuário, Óbidos, Portugal
Duration: 30 minutes

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